64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round

In the first round we saw some big upsets like Lord Denning taking down Antonin Scalia, J-LO eliminating Howard Stern, Judge Dredd annihilating Henry Bone, Harry Connick Jr. defeating Adam Levine and Arthur Vandelay showing Lena Petrovsky what happens when you take an opponent of his stature too lightly.

Do those underdogs have enough to make it to the Sweet 16?  Let’s find out!

Learn more about our contestants by referring to 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I and see what happened in the first round by checking out 64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!

Here we go!

Historical Judges Regional20170314_132925

1 Thurgood Marshall vs 9 Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas went for the silent treatment again.  Big mistake!

Thurgood Marshall defeats Clarence Thomas

20170314_1330435 William Rehnquist vs 4 John Marshall

The ultimate Chief Justice showdown.  Rehnquist may have had 19 years as Chief Justice, but experience played an edge in this one.

John Marshall defeats William Rehnquist

20170314_1331506 John Roberts vs 3 Ruth Bader Ginsburg

After beating cancer twice Roberts was a cake walk.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg defeats John Roberts

20170314_13321110 Lord Denning vs 2 Lance Ito

Lord Denning’s wig he wore to the bout was tighter than O.J.’s gloves.

Lance Ito defeats Lord Denning

Regional Update20170315_162327

Trial TV Show Region

20170314_133314.jpg1 Judge Judy vs 9 Cristina Perez

Judge Judy has made a career out of bringing blonde bombshells to tears.

Judge Judy defeats Cristina Perez

20170314_133352.jpg5 Mablean Ephraim vs 4 Marilyn Milian

Milian tried to talk over Judge Mablean.  It ain’t happening!

Mablean Ephraim defeats Marilyn Milian

20170314_1334356 Mills Lane vs 3 Joe Brown

Mills Lane knew he had a punchers chance against Joe Brown. Knockout!

Mills Lane defeats Joe Brown

20170314_1335037 Joseph Wapner vs 2 Judge Mathis

The torch was passed in this one.

Judge Mathis defeats Joseph Wapner

Regional Update20170315_162403

Fictional Judges Region

20170314_1336111 Philip Banks vs 9 Judge Turpin

Judge Turpin was giving up way too much weight to Uncle Phil on this one.

Philip Banks defeats Judge Turpin

20170314_13365712 Judge Dredd vs 4 Elihu Smails

Even in the year 2080 Judge Dredd has never experienced anyone with the rage of a Judge Smails.

Elihu Smails defeats Judge Dredd

20170314_1337256 Judge Reinhold vs 3 Harry T. Stone

With his back up against the wall, Reinhold went for the ol’ “banana in the tail pipe” trick.  Judge Stone was goofy enough to fall for it.

Judge Reinihold defeats Harry T. Stone

20170314_13375210 Arthur Vandelay vs 2 Chamberlain Haller

Vandelay and Haller are no strangers to disorder in the court.  In the end Vandelay was distracted because he is in the process of suing George Costanza in multiple defamation suits for inappropriate use of his name over all these years.

Chamberlain Haller defeats Arthur Vandelay

Regional Update20170315_162437

Competition TV Series Region

20170314_133853.jpg1 Simon Cowell vs 9 Pharrell Williams

Pharrell was happy until he went up against Simon who can crap on someone’s day with the best of them.

Simon Cowell defeats Pharrell Williams

20170314_13393912 Jennifer Lopez vs 4 Randy Jackson

Randy looked at pictures of Kim K. the night before his matchup with J-LO so he wouldn’t suffer the same fate as Stern.

Randy Jacksons defeats Jennifer Lopez

20170314_13400811 Harry Connick Jr. vs 3 Nigel Lythgoe

Lythgoe danced around him in circles.

Nigel Lythgoe defeats Harry Connick Jr.

20170314_13402910 Sharon Osbourne vs 2 Blake Shelton

Blake sent Sharon to some beach, somewhere.

Blake Shelton defeats Sharon Osbourne

Regional Update20170315_162507Below is what the current bracket looks like.  Be sure to visit us tomorrow to see who will be going to the Elite Eight.20170315_162624


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