64 Judges 1 Winner Part IV: Sweet 16

20170315_233555By the end of this weekend there will be 16 teams left in the NCAA Tournament, but in this bizarre bracket of legends, celebrities, novelties and oddities you won’t have to wait for the Sweet 16.

There have been a few upsets a long the way, however the heavy favorites still remain as we have nothing lower than a No. 6 seed remaining.  Is it time for one of the No. 1 seeds to fall?  Who’s moving on to the Elite 8?  Let’s find out!

If you are just joining us on this unique journey, it’s not too late to see it from the beginning Check out: 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin! and 64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round

Here we go!

Historical Judges Region

20170315_2328321 Thurgood Marshall vs 4 John Marshall

A tale of two Marshalls. Bet your money on the guy who grew up in early 20th Century Baltimore.

Thurgood Marshall defeats John Marshall

20170315_2329123 Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs 2 Lance Ito

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was only the second female justice on SCOTUS after she was appointed in 1993.  By the mid nineties more people knew who Lance Ito was and maybe even still do to this day.  Sad, but true.

Lance Ito defeats Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Regional Update20170316_104846

Trial TV Show Region

20170315_2330161 Judge Judy vs 5 Mablean Ephraim

This was an all out brawl.  Mablean threw everything and the kitchen sink at her opponent.  How does one defeat Judith Sheindlin?

Judge Judy defeats Mablean Ephraim

20170315_233111.jpg6 Mills Lane vs 2 Judge Mathis

Mills yelled his famous phrase “let’s get it on”!

Judge Mathis replied, “okay”.

Judge Mathis defeats Mills Lane

Regional Update20170316_105029

Fictional Judges Region

20170315_2331551 Philip Banks vs 4 Elihu Smails

Judge Smails chose to stick to his strategy of anger and rage which has carried him through this tournament.  His inner-fire would come to a halt as he faced an opponent of grizzly proportions and an even more ferocious growl.

Philip Banks defeats Elihu Smails

20170315_2332426 Judge Reinhold vs 2 Chamberlain Haller

Many predicted Haller to take the whole thing.  After absorbing the antics of Vincent Gambini in his courtroom defeating Judge Reinhold should just be business as usual.  Instead Reinhold kicked 100 percent of his ass!

Judge Reinhold defeats Chamberlain Haller

Regional Update20170316_104954

Competition TV Series Region

20170315_2333311 Simon Cowell vs 4 Randy Jackson

Two opponents that know each other too well.  Only in America would the show “American Idol” be most remembered for a British man demoralizing it’s citizens who can’t sing.

Simon Cowell defeats Randy Jackson

20170315_233408.jpg3 Nigel Lythgoe vs 2 Blake Shelton

Nigel just couldn’t handle Blake’s Tennessee whiskey.

Blake Shelton defeats Nigel Lythgoe

Regional Update20170316_104913.png

Below is what the current bracket looks like.  Join us tomorrow to find out who will be going to the Final Four.20170316_105103



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