64 Judges 1 Winner Part V: Elite 8

20170317_100823And here we are, just moments away from finding out who will win their regions and move on to the Final Four.  All of the No. 1 seeds remain and will have to beat a No. 2 seed in order to advance with the exception of the Fictional Judges Region where surprising No. 6 seed Judge Reinhold is the only thing that stands in the way of Uncle Phil and a Final Four appearance.

Be sure to follow this wild and unconventional tournament from the beginning by referring to the following: 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round, and 64 Judges 1 Winner Part IV: Sweet 16.

Here we go!

Historical Judges

20170316_2120181 Thurgood Marshall vs 2 Lance Ito

Lance Ito, an unknown until the O.J. trial gave him everlasting fame, has taken out some heavy hitters in this tournament including two SCOTUS justices and arguably the greatest judge in the history of England.  Many believed after getting this far he would have a good shot to take down Thurgood Marshall, but it became apparent that he ran out of gas.

Thurgood Marshall defeats Lance Ito

Regional Update20170317_101738

Trial TV Show Region

20170316_2121031 Judge Judy vs 2 Judge Mathis

We got the matchup we wanted.  The two most popular judges of their kind who both have the longest tenure on a courtroom TV series.  Mathis may ultimately prove to be a champion one day, but it won’t be in this tournament.  The favorite to win it all advances to the Final Four.

Judge Judy defeats Judge Mathis

Regional Update20170317_101806.png

Fictional Judges Region

20170316_2121391 Philip Banks vs 6 Judge Reinhold

No one expected Judge Reinhold to make it this far.  There are those that argued his No. 6 seed was too high.  Uncle Phil is a juggernaut in this bracket so Reinhold’s strategy was to soften his opponent with the one way to Judge Banks’ heart….FOOD!  Reinhold threw All-American burgers at him, served him a late supper, lured him with an Oscar Meyer weenie whistle and eventually splashed his large opponent in the face with a pot of hot coffee.  UPSET!  Reinhold is going to the Final Four!

Judge Reinhold defeats Philip Banks

Regional Update20170317_101857

Competition TV Series Region

20170316_212225.jpg1 Simon Cowell vs 2 Blake Shelton

Simon has shamed his opponents the way he did to people on American Idol who thought they could sing .  Now it was up to good ol’ boy Blake Shelton to restore some USA pride and eliminate the British man who has ruined more dreams than Freddy Krueger. In a game that came down to psychological warfare the Oklahoman was no match for Simon who coldly reminded Shelton he was a coach and not a judge, giving him a big, fat “NO” when came to getting a gold ticket.

Simon Cowell defeats Blake Shelton

Regional Update20170317_101834

Below is the updated bracket and the bracket showing our regional champions.  Tomorrow will be the Final Four and Championship.  Thurgood Marshall will face off against Simon Cowell and Judge Judy will take on Judge Reinhold.20170317_10201920170317_153405




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