64 Judges 1 Winner Part VI: Final Four, a Champion Crowned

Yesterday we saw No. 1 seed and defending champion Villanova fall to No. 8 Wisconsin.  Another No. 1 seed Gonzaga nearly suffered the same fate, but they were able to squeak by No. 8 Northwestern.

More brackets will be busted today.  The uncertainty of the tournament is what makes it so appealing and inviting to people who may just be casual fans.

But enough about the real tournament.  Many of you are here because you don’t feel like waiting until April to see a champion crowned.  Will Judge Judy take it all?  Can Reinhold do the unthinkable and go one better and win the whole thing?  Has Simon finally met his match in Thurgood Marshall?

We are about to find out.  If you are just joining us be sure to check out: 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round,64 Judges 1 Winner Part IV: Sweet 16, and 64 Judges 1 Winner Part V: Elite 8.

Here we go!


1 Thurgood Marshall vs 1 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has been destroying his opponents left and right, but at the end of the day he is just a TV star with no law degrees, no experience playing a legal figure and probably hasn’t sentenced anyone in a courtroom making him and his whole region irrelevant.  The British man is finally humbled in a blowout loss.

Thurgood Marshall defeats Simon Cowell

20170317_1708001 Judge Judy vs 6 Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold was ready for his match against the mighty Judith Sheindlin.  On his way to the courthouse to face his opponent, Reinhold saw a young legal assistant in the hallway that eerily resembled Phoebe Cates from years past.  He immediately ran into what he thought was a gender neutral restroom, but forgot he was in North Carolina.  The young legal assistant went into what was actually the women’s room where witnesses heard a scream and saw her quickly exit as she stormed down the hall.  Judge was last seen shortly after leaving the restroom with his head down making his way outside the building.  His whereabouts are still unknown to this day.

Judge Judy defeats Judge Reinhold


20170317_1710141 Thurgood Marshall vs 1 Judge Judy

Ol’ Judy has been the favorite since the start of this tournament.  She’s a no nonsense judge whose popularity is due to people wanting quick justice without any spin.  That’s exactly what she gives her audience.  Judge Judy is an American icon, but unfortunately for her the plaintiffs and defendants that frequent her courtroom are just a tier above Jerry Springer’s guests.  Judith Sheindlin changed American courtroom television forever.  Thurgood Marshall changed America forever.

Thurgood Marshall defeats Judge Judy



Thurgood Marshall

Without Thurgood Marshall there is no NCAA Tournament.  In 1954 he was chief counsel for young Linda Brown in the Brown vs Board of Education case and won the Supreme Court ruling that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional.  13 years later, Marshall, a grandson of slaves, was appointed as the 96th justice and the first black justice of SCOTUS.  Marshall had a journey like no other, an impact that changed the course of history and gave people hope that not only could they go to the best schools, but they could also be in charge of upholding everyone’s rights and seeking justice for others.

Thank you everyone for joining us on this unusual adventure to celebrate March Madness.  I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did putting this together.  Good luck the rest of the way if your bracket is still in decent shape.



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