Fan Q&A: Cowboys chances, how much longer for Brady and the Rock in 2020

Here are your questions answered by yours truly.  You may not always agree with my response, but I promise I will always respect your inquiry of my knowledge by giving you honest reasons and thorough explanation as to why I feel the way I do.  You can participate in the weekly Fan Q&A by emailing your questions to

Do you think Dallas will make it as far if not further this year?

I don’t think the Cowboys will win 13 games like they did last year.  They appear to have a tougher schedule and you can make the case the other teams in their division got better.  That doesn’t mean Big D won’t contend for a championship because they definitely have the offense to do it.  If the season were to start today I would pick Dallas to win 11 games and make it as far as the NFC Championship game.  Dak will make more big plays downfield and with a healthy Darren McFadden it will give them the options to limit Zeke’s carries and preserve him for a bigger load late in the season.  There are huge questions marks on the defensive side of the football.  Dallas drafted some talented players, but will they be able to make a contribution so early in their careers or will inexperience get the best of them?  Vegas has the Cowboys winning 9.5 games (over/under) and around 9-1 odds to win the Super Bowl behind the Patriots.

How much longer will Tom Brady play?

My answer may surprise you.  I think there is a good chance this is Brady’s last season.  Here are my reasons why:

  1. Gisele– Gisele Bundchen is the breadwinner in the Brady household.  The supermodel expressed that she wanted her husband to retire after this past Super Bowl and she has leaked to the media that Brady allegedly played with concussions.  Tom has made it clear he wants to play as long has he can, however his wife is a bigger influence on his decision to continue playing despite him dismissing her desire for No. 12 to hang it up publicly.  Remember Brady skipping out on the White House visit at the last minute?  That was because of Gisele.  Don’t under estimate the power of persuasion this woman’s beauty possesses on top of being the mother of Tom’s kids.
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo– The fact that the Patriots held onto Jimmy Garoppolo says a lot about the future of Tom Brady. If New England wanted to trade Garoppolo there were plenty of suitors who had the ammunition in draft picks to pull the trigger and make the deal.  The Pats opted not to meaning Jimmy G is going to get paid.  Garoppolo does not want to sit on the bench forever (he will be entering his fourth season) and while he is under contract he has expressed a strong interest in wanting to be a starter, yet he remains a good citizen (for now) in Foxboro which may allude to the fact he knows his time is coming.
  3. Bill Belichick– When we speak of the Patriots dynasty it will always be linked to Brady and Belichick. You can’t have one without the other….or can you?  Detractors of the New England franchise won’t label each as the G.O.A.T. because they will only give the edge to the quarterback play or the coaching, not both.  So this is where ego comes into play.  Belichick can launch himself into a new stratosphere if he could win a championship with another QB.  Belichick is more likely to achieve that scenario as opposed to Brady going the route of Peyton Manning and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy while riding off into the sunset in an unfamiliar uniform.  In my mind Brady was better than Manning, but Tom is not the plug and play quarterback that Peyton was.  I think it would drain Brady mentally and take the fun out of the game for him to go somewhere else, learn an entire new system and team culture after having the luxury of familiarity for two decades.


Will Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run for President in 2020?

This is not as outlandish as it sounds.  No matter how you feel about our current Commander in Chief you have to admit his election has forever changed the political landscape.  There have been quite a few celebrities that have been voted into office, but up until this year none went straight to the White House without having prior experience as a government official.  I think the Rock’s campaign would do well with voters.  It has been established that he is second to none when it comes to speaking into a microphone live in arenas at max capacity.  He could appeal to America’s youth because of his career in the WWE and action flicks.  Given his Samoan/African Canadian heritage he would have the opportunity to build a multi-cultural coalition.  Yes he is Hollywood, but also has some conservative views which might attract some people on the right.  Now will it actually happen?  I don’t think so….at least not next election cycle.  The Rock has won a national championship in college football, he’s been pro wrestling’s biggest superstar and is currently a leading man in Tinsel Town.  So why not add President to his resume?  The Rock announced his candidacy for the Oval Office on Saturday Night Live with Tom Hanks as his running mate.  Given the venue I doubt it has any real validity.  Rock is only 45; he is in the prime of his acting career.  Unless he truly has a patriotic itch it makes no sense for him to throw his hat into the ring for Decision 2020.  I view this as a publicity stunt (similar to what Hulk Hogan did in WCW after Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota) in order to suggest that he should be cast for a POTUS role like Martin Sheen or Kevin Spacey.  Click here to see Rock’s big announcement. Odds Shark currently has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at 100-1 odds to win the presidency in 2020.  Click here to see where he ranks among the other contenders.


LaVar Ball Exposed and Mike Golic Jr. gets Two Thumbs Down

lavar-ball-big-baller-brandClown Shoes

It is time to stop giving LaVar Ball a cookie for being a good parent or a risk-taking entrepreneur every time he says something outrageous.  The charade is over!  It’s not even about basketball anymore; it’s about grabbing the headlines at other people’s expense and trying to cash in on his children’s success.  Newsflash LaVar:  Your son is not Jesus in high-tops!  Lonzo Ball has the potential to be a great player in the NBA, but I’m willing to bet he won’t transcend the game of basketball at least not on the court.  Ludicrous shoe prices, internet memes and possibly reality TV is more likely to be the Ball family’s claim to fame. I’m not anti-capitalism so I have no problem with the Big Baller Brand trying to make some coin, but LaVar is selling hype and ridiculousness and this slow-footed white boy ain’t buying it!

Golic Jr. is a Tomato

Mike and Mike, a show that is a shell of its former shelf, caught my attention last week when Mike Golic Sr.  and his son Mike Golic Jr. got into a debate over the original Rocky.  The younger Golic argued that the Oscar winning film was an “overrated movie” much to his father’s dismay.  Now little Mikey is entitled to his opinion on the film, but he is wrong on a couple of points:

Golic Jr. stated that unlike the sequels the original tries to be something that it is not. In other words he suggests that it is an action film disguised as a drama with a bad love story.  He actually gave praise to the sequels because they never tried to deviate from the fact that they were strictly action films.

Rocky was written by Sylvester Stallone while he was an unknown and was filmed on somewhat of a low budget.  Stallone had trouble convincing the studios to let him play the part of Rocky and he wasn’t exactly a sculpture back then.  Now like Golic Jr., I was born after some sequels had been made, but if you go back and watch the original trailers you get a better idea of what the film is really about because you get to see how it was perceived back then without the preconceived notion of the Rocky franchise. The tagline was “his whole life was a million to one shot”.   The original had a unique and raw quality to it that its successors didn’t have because it never intended to be a story that spanned over 40 years told in a series of action flicks.  The love between Rocky and Adrian is about two people who don’t really fit in, but find comfort in one another.  Not everyone likes that part of the movie, but it at least it appears to be somewhat organic rather than a cheese fest.  Rocky never tried to trick anybody and evolved film by film into what Golic Jr. suggests the original was.

Golic Jr. says he hated Paulie, “he’s a loser”.

 Well duh!  Paulie is a loser that’s the whole point of his character.  They never tried to disguise that either.  He had to pay for a date to bring to Rocky’s fight for Pete’s sake!  The purpose of Paulie is to show the dark side of someone who grew up in Rocky’s world.  Rocky is usually upbeat and kind while Paulie is often negative, drunk and blaming others for his own failures.  He can be mean, yet he provides comic relief.  Burt Young’s role was vital to the film.

And your father played in Philadephia.  Good luck walking the streets of in the City of Brotherly Love.  A lot of Paulies walking around out there.