LaVar Ball Exposed and Mike Golic Jr. gets Two Thumbs Down

lavar-ball-big-baller-brandClown Shoes

It is time to stop giving LaVar Ball a cookie for being a good parent or a risk-taking entrepreneur every time he says something outrageous.  The charade is over!  It’s not even about basketball anymore; it’s about grabbing the headlines at other people’s expense and trying to cash in on his children’s success.  Newsflash LaVar:  Your son is not Jesus in high-tops!  Lonzo Ball has the potential to be a great player in the NBA, but I’m willing to bet he won’t transcend the game of basketball at least not on the court.  Ludicrous shoe prices, internet memes and possibly reality TV is more likely to be the Ball family’s claim to fame. I’m not anti-capitalism so I have no problem with the Big Baller Brand trying to make some coin, but LaVar is selling hype and ridiculousness and this slow-footed white boy ain’t buying it!

Golic Jr. is a Tomato

Mike and Mike, a show that is a shell of its former shelf, caught my attention last week when Mike Golic Sr.  and his son Mike Golic Jr. got into a debate over the original Rocky.  The younger Golic argued that the Oscar winning film was an “overrated movie” much to his father’s dismay.  Now little Mikey is entitled to his opinion on the film, but he is wrong on a couple of points:

Golic Jr. stated that unlike the sequels the original tries to be something that it is not. In other words he suggests that it is an action film disguised as a drama with a bad love story.  He actually gave praise to the sequels because they never tried to deviate from the fact that they were strictly action films.

Rocky was written by Sylvester Stallone while he was an unknown and was filmed on somewhat of a low budget.  Stallone had trouble convincing the studios to let him play the part of Rocky and he wasn’t exactly a sculpture back then.  Now like Golic Jr., I was born after some sequels had been made, but if you go back and watch the original trailers you get a better idea of what the film is really about because you get to see how it was perceived back then without the preconceived notion of the Rocky franchise. The tagline was “his whole life was a million to one shot”.   The original had a unique and raw quality to it that its successors didn’t have because it never intended to be a story that spanned over 40 years told in a series of action flicks.  The love between Rocky and Adrian is about two people who don’t really fit in, but find comfort in one another.  Not everyone likes that part of the movie, but it at least it appears to be somewhat organic rather than a cheese fest.  Rocky never tried to trick anybody and evolved film by film into what Golic Jr. suggests the original was.

Golic Jr. says he hated Paulie, “he’s a loser”.

 Well duh!  Paulie is a loser that’s the whole point of his character.  They never tried to disguise that either.  He had to pay for a date to bring to Rocky’s fight for Pete’s sake!  The purpose of Paulie is to show the dark side of someone who grew up in Rocky’s world.  Rocky is usually upbeat and kind while Paulie is often negative, drunk and blaming others for his own failures.  He can be mean, yet he provides comic relief.  Burt Young’s role was vital to the film.

And your father played in Philadephia.  Good luck walking the streets of in the City of Brotherly Love.  A lot of Paulies walking around out there.



LaVar Ball Says, Kaepernick Waits, NBA Solution and Wife of the Year

20170322_001600.pngMy Three Sons

LaVar Ball is the new “cash me ousside” girl.  I am not ragging on Ball as a parent so don’t get it twisted that I am calling him a bad dad.  The father of UCLA’s Lonzo Ball and two younger sons with a future beyond high school basketball, has become the latest poster child for sports memes on social media.  A man, who once averaged 2.2 points per game during his one season of college ball at Washington State, has been critical of NBA legends Michael Jordan, LeBron James and continues to have a war of words with Charles Barkley.  To sum it all up Ball is basically claiming that he and his sons can beat all these guys.  It doesn’t stop there.  He also went after their parenting skills.  The elder Ball has more in common with Danielle Bregoli than those basketball gods.  My news feed is full of hashtag “LaVar Ball says” just like it was with “how bout dat” a month ago.  The comparison to the troubled teen from Dr. Phil isn’t all negative.  Bregoli is cashing in on her unconventional path to fame.  Ball makes a lot of head turning statements, but is there a method to his madness?  Lonzo Ball is often considered to be the biggest star and top NBA prospect in college basketball. The longer UCLA stays in the tournament, the more headlines LaVar can grab, the larger the payout will be for a shoe contract.  15 minutes of fame is over in 5 minutes nowadays.  Anyone heard from the Jersey Shore kids lately?  Like Bregoli, Ball knows he has to strike while the iron is hot.

Checkout the LaVar Ball says Twitter page

Protesting to Play

Colin Kaepernick, once a promising young quarterback, has become a cautionary tale.  If you stink on the field you can’t afford non-football extras.  It is believed that Kaepernick, who remains a free agent, is still searching for a contract due to his kneeling during the national anthem last season. His protest plays a factor, but it is far from the main reason why he is currently unemployed.  Where is the guy who started in the Super Bowl and shredded the Packers in the playoffs?  Seems like a lifetime ago.  Since 2014, Kaepernick is 11-24 as a starter and has seen three of his head coaches canned in the process.  NFL front offices aren’t lining up to throw money at a potential coach-killer who was benched at the beginning of the year in favor of Blaine Gabbert and went 1-10 as a starter in 2016.  Sure the less accomplished Mike Glennon got a contract he probably doesn’t deserve because the Bears can sell his potential to their fan base while they figure out what they want to do long-term at QB (still looking for Sid Luckman’s replacement).  The whole social justice warrior thing is just baggage on top of Kaep’s poor play. It is no different than Tim Tebow, another man with good intentions, but draws too much attention to himself without the on-field production to compliment the media hype he’s receiving.  Kaepernick fans should be patient.  Jay Cutler, Robert Griffin III and in a sense Tony Romo are all in search of a new home.  If Sam Bradford keeps getting inked to big deals there is hope for Colin yet.

Sitting Not So Pretty

Last month a buddy and I attended a game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia between the Sixers and the Heat.  To say the game lacked star power was an understatement.  All the big names such as Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Ben Simmons and Chris Bosh did not display their talents on the hardwood that evening.  Despite the noticeable absentees it ended up being an exciting atmosphere with great game action and minimal sloppy play.  That is a rarity combined with Phildelphia’s uniqueness as a sports town.  Last year we went to Madison Square Garden and Kristaps Porzingis didn’t play.  The MSG experience was memorable, the basketball being played not so much.  Those games didn’t feature teams that would or will be competing for an NBA championship and the guys that didn’t suit up were truly injured.  If we were going to see the Cavaliers, the Spurs or the Warriors and all of the star players were healthy and sitting I can tell you right now I would ask for my money back because this is a players league and fans pay top-dollar to see All-NBA talent. For the league it not only hurts future attendance, but it also puts the networks in a crunch who televise these games.  The solution is simple and it is called reduced minutes.  If the purpose of sitting superior talent is to save their mileage for the postseason then why not let them make a cameo in the game (that they would otherwise sit out) before they call it a night.  There could be the risks of an unwanted injury or they might have to play more than expected if their team gets in foul trouble, but it could go a long way to prevent damage to a product whose revenue is primarily driven by the world’s best players presence on the court.  Even if it is just for half a quarter the fans still get to say they saw LeBron James or Steph Curry make a bucket or two, more folks tune in at home and the only people left unhappy are the odds makers.

March Madam

The Kentucky Wildcats controversially defeated the Wichita State Shockers this past weekend in the NCAA Tournament, but that’s not the story.  Lynn Marshall, the wife of Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall, was seen wearing a basketball jersey in the stands while she appeared to be passionately cheering on her husband’s team.  Her passion may have gotten the best of her since it has been reported that arena security had to confront Mrs. Marshall about her behavior in the stands multiple times during the game and was eventually escorted from her seat (after the game was over) because she was allegedly shouting obscenities.  I’m sure this has caused headaches for Coach Marshall and the athletic director at the university and Lynn is receiving her share of heat which is probably justified.  To me her tantrum is a breath of fresh air.  I’d like to believe Mrs. Marshall’s tirade was out of love.  In a country where nearly half of marriages end in divorce it’s great to see the occasional spouse go bonkers in full support of what her husband does for a living.  My wife has used a few choice words about my former employer after I lost my job.  I’m probably more like Gregg and will say all the politically correct things about where I used to work, however I saw my wife’s venting as love for me more than I did for hate of my old company.  I do appreciate the fact that my Mrs. didn’t use any kind of social media or public platform to say what she felt she needed to say.  For Gregg’s sake I hope Lynn will contain her future enthusiasm as necessary.

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