64 Judges 1 Winner Part VI: Final Four, a Champion Crowned

Yesterday we saw No. 1 seed and defending champion Villanova fall to No. 8 Wisconsin.  Another No. 1 seed Gonzaga nearly suffered the same fate, but they were able to squeak by No. 8 Northwestern.

More brackets will be busted today.  The uncertainty of the tournament is what makes it so appealing and inviting to people who may just be casual fans.

But enough about the real tournament.  Many of you are here because you don’t feel like waiting until April to see a champion crowned.  Will Judge Judy take it all?  Can Reinhold do the unthinkable and go one better and win the whole thing?  Has Simon finally met his match in Thurgood Marshall?

We are about to find out.  If you are just joining us be sure to check out: 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round,64 Judges 1 Winner Part IV: Sweet 16, and 64 Judges 1 Winner Part V: Elite 8.

Here we go!


1 Thurgood Marshall vs 1 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has been destroying his opponents left and right, but at the end of the day he is just a TV star with no law degrees, no experience playing a legal figure and probably hasn’t sentenced anyone in a courtroom making him and his whole region irrelevant.  The British man is finally humbled in a blowout loss.

Thurgood Marshall defeats Simon Cowell

20170317_1708001 Judge Judy vs 6 Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold was ready for his match against the mighty Judith Sheindlin.  On his way to the courthouse to face his opponent, Reinhold saw a young legal assistant in the hallway that eerily resembled Phoebe Cates from years past.  He immediately ran into what he thought was a gender neutral restroom, but forgot he was in North Carolina.  The young legal assistant went into what was actually the women’s room where witnesses heard a scream and saw her quickly exit as she stormed down the hall.  Judge was last seen shortly after leaving the restroom with his head down making his way outside the building.  His whereabouts are still unknown to this day.

Judge Judy defeats Judge Reinhold


20170317_1710141 Thurgood Marshall vs 1 Judge Judy

Ol’ Judy has been the favorite since the start of this tournament.  She’s a no nonsense judge whose popularity is due to people wanting quick justice without any spin.  That’s exactly what she gives her audience.  Judge Judy is an American icon, but unfortunately for her the plaintiffs and defendants that frequent her courtroom are just a tier above Jerry Springer’s guests.  Judith Sheindlin changed American courtroom television forever.  Thurgood Marshall changed America forever.

Thurgood Marshall defeats Judge Judy



Thurgood Marshall

Without Thurgood Marshall there is no NCAA Tournament.  In 1954 he was chief counsel for young Linda Brown in the Brown vs Board of Education case and won the Supreme Court ruling that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional.  13 years later, Marshall, a grandson of slaves, was appointed as the 96th justice and the first black justice of SCOTUS.  Marshall had a journey like no other, an impact that changed the course of history and gave people hope that not only could they go to the best schools, but they could also be in charge of upholding everyone’s rights and seeking justice for others.

Thank you everyone for joining us on this unusual adventure to celebrate March Madness.  I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did putting this together.  Good luck the rest of the way if your bracket is still in decent shape.



64 Judges 1 Winner Part V: Elite 8

20170317_100823And here we are, just moments away from finding out who will win their regions and move on to the Final Four.  All of the No. 1 seeds remain and will have to beat a No. 2 seed in order to advance with the exception of the Fictional Judges Region where surprising No. 6 seed Judge Reinhold is the only thing that stands in the way of Uncle Phil and a Final Four appearance.

Be sure to follow this wild and unconventional tournament from the beginning by referring to the following: 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round, and 64 Judges 1 Winner Part IV: Sweet 16.

Here we go!

Historical Judges

20170316_2120181 Thurgood Marshall vs 2 Lance Ito

Lance Ito, an unknown until the O.J. trial gave him everlasting fame, has taken out some heavy hitters in this tournament including two SCOTUS justices and arguably the greatest judge in the history of England.  Many believed after getting this far he would have a good shot to take down Thurgood Marshall, but it became apparent that he ran out of gas.

Thurgood Marshall defeats Lance Ito

Regional Update20170317_101738

Trial TV Show Region

20170316_2121031 Judge Judy vs 2 Judge Mathis

We got the matchup we wanted.  The two most popular judges of their kind who both have the longest tenure on a courtroom TV series.  Mathis may ultimately prove to be a champion one day, but it won’t be in this tournament.  The favorite to win it all advances to the Final Four.

Judge Judy defeats Judge Mathis

Regional Update20170317_101806.png

Fictional Judges Region

20170316_2121391 Philip Banks vs 6 Judge Reinhold

No one expected Judge Reinhold to make it this far.  There are those that argued his No. 6 seed was too high.  Uncle Phil is a juggernaut in this bracket so Reinhold’s strategy was to soften his opponent with the one way to Judge Banks’ heart….FOOD!  Reinhold threw All-American burgers at him, served him a late supper, lured him with an Oscar Meyer weenie whistle and eventually splashed his large opponent in the face with a pot of hot coffee.  UPSET!  Reinhold is going to the Final Four!

Judge Reinhold defeats Philip Banks

Regional Update20170317_101857

Competition TV Series Region

20170316_212225.jpg1 Simon Cowell vs 2 Blake Shelton

Simon has shamed his opponents the way he did to people on American Idol who thought they could sing .  Now it was up to good ol’ boy Blake Shelton to restore some USA pride and eliminate the British man who has ruined more dreams than Freddy Krueger. In a game that came down to psychological warfare the Oklahoman was no match for Simon who coldly reminded Shelton he was a coach and not a judge, giving him a big, fat “NO” when came to getting a gold ticket.

Simon Cowell defeats Blake Shelton

Regional Update20170317_101834

Below is the updated bracket and the bracket showing our regional champions.  Tomorrow will be the Final Four and Championship.  Thurgood Marshall will face off against Simon Cowell and Judge Judy will take on Judge Reinhold.20170317_10201920170317_153405



64 Judges 1 Winner Part IV: Sweet 16

20170315_233555By the end of this weekend there will be 16 teams left in the NCAA Tournament, but in this bizarre bracket of legends, celebrities, novelties and oddities you won’t have to wait for the Sweet 16.

There have been a few upsets a long the way, however the heavy favorites still remain as we have nothing lower than a No. 6 seed remaining.  Is it time for one of the No. 1 seeds to fall?  Who’s moving on to the Elite 8?  Let’s find out!

If you are just joining us on this unique journey, it’s not too late to see it from the beginning Check out: 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin! and 64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round

Here we go!

Historical Judges Region

20170315_2328321 Thurgood Marshall vs 4 John Marshall

A tale of two Marshalls. Bet your money on the guy who grew up in early 20th Century Baltimore.

Thurgood Marshall defeats John Marshall

20170315_2329123 Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs 2 Lance Ito

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was only the second female justice on SCOTUS after she was appointed in 1993.  By the mid nineties more people knew who Lance Ito was and maybe even still do to this day.  Sad, but true.

Lance Ito defeats Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Regional Update20170316_104846

Trial TV Show Region

20170315_2330161 Judge Judy vs 5 Mablean Ephraim

This was an all out brawl.  Mablean threw everything and the kitchen sink at her opponent.  How does one defeat Judith Sheindlin?

Judge Judy defeats Mablean Ephraim

20170315_233111.jpg6 Mills Lane vs 2 Judge Mathis

Mills yelled his famous phrase “let’s get it on”!

Judge Mathis replied, “okay”.

Judge Mathis defeats Mills Lane

Regional Update20170316_105029

Fictional Judges Region

20170315_2331551 Philip Banks vs 4 Elihu Smails

Judge Smails chose to stick to his strategy of anger and rage which has carried him through this tournament.  His inner-fire would come to a halt as he faced an opponent of grizzly proportions and an even more ferocious growl.

Philip Banks defeats Elihu Smails

20170315_2332426 Judge Reinhold vs 2 Chamberlain Haller

Many predicted Haller to take the whole thing.  After absorbing the antics of Vincent Gambini in his courtroom defeating Judge Reinhold should just be business as usual.  Instead Reinhold kicked 100 percent of his ass!

Judge Reinhold defeats Chamberlain Haller

Regional Update20170316_104954

Competition TV Series Region

20170315_2333311 Simon Cowell vs 4 Randy Jackson

Two opponents that know each other too well.  Only in America would the show “American Idol” be most remembered for a British man demoralizing it’s citizens who can’t sing.

Simon Cowell defeats Randy Jackson

20170315_233408.jpg3 Nigel Lythgoe vs 2 Blake Shelton

Nigel just couldn’t handle Blake’s Tennessee whiskey.

Blake Shelton defeats Nigel Lythgoe

Regional Update20170316_104913.png

Below is what the current bracket looks like.  Join us tomorrow to find out who will be going to the Final Four.20170316_105103


64 Judges 1 Winner Part III: On to the Second Round

In the first round we saw some big upsets like Lord Denning taking down Antonin Scalia, J-LO eliminating Howard Stern, Judge Dredd annihilating Henry Bone, Harry Connick Jr. defeating Adam Levine and Arthur Vandelay showing Lena Petrovsky what happens when you take an opponent of his stature too lightly.

Do those underdogs have enough to make it to the Sweet 16?  Let’s find out!

Learn more about our contestants by referring to 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I and see what happened in the first round by checking out 64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!

Here we go!

Historical Judges Regional20170314_132925

1 Thurgood Marshall vs 9 Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas went for the silent treatment again.  Big mistake!

Thurgood Marshall defeats Clarence Thomas

20170314_1330435 William Rehnquist vs 4 John Marshall

The ultimate Chief Justice showdown.  Rehnquist may have had 19 years as Chief Justice, but experience played an edge in this one.

John Marshall defeats William Rehnquist

20170314_1331506 John Roberts vs 3 Ruth Bader Ginsburg

After beating cancer twice Roberts was a cake walk.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg defeats John Roberts

20170314_13321110 Lord Denning vs 2 Lance Ito

Lord Denning’s wig he wore to the bout was tighter than O.J.’s gloves.

Lance Ito defeats Lord Denning

Regional Update20170315_162327

Trial TV Show Region

20170314_133314.jpg1 Judge Judy vs 9 Cristina Perez

Judge Judy has made a career out of bringing blonde bombshells to tears.

Judge Judy defeats Cristina Perez

20170314_133352.jpg5 Mablean Ephraim vs 4 Marilyn Milian

Milian tried to talk over Judge Mablean.  It ain’t happening!

Mablean Ephraim defeats Marilyn Milian

20170314_1334356 Mills Lane vs 3 Joe Brown

Mills Lane knew he had a punchers chance against Joe Brown. Knockout!

Mills Lane defeats Joe Brown

20170314_1335037 Joseph Wapner vs 2 Judge Mathis

The torch was passed in this one.

Judge Mathis defeats Joseph Wapner

Regional Update20170315_162403

Fictional Judges Region

20170314_1336111 Philip Banks vs 9 Judge Turpin

Judge Turpin was giving up way too much weight to Uncle Phil on this one.

Philip Banks defeats Judge Turpin

20170314_13365712 Judge Dredd vs 4 Elihu Smails

Even in the year 2080 Judge Dredd has never experienced anyone with the rage of a Judge Smails.

Elihu Smails defeats Judge Dredd

20170314_1337256 Judge Reinhold vs 3 Harry T. Stone

With his back up against the wall, Reinhold went for the ol’ “banana in the tail pipe” trick.  Judge Stone was goofy enough to fall for it.

Judge Reinihold defeats Harry T. Stone

20170314_13375210 Arthur Vandelay vs 2 Chamberlain Haller

Vandelay and Haller are no strangers to disorder in the court.  In the end Vandelay was distracted because he is in the process of suing George Costanza in multiple defamation suits for inappropriate use of his name over all these years.

Chamberlain Haller defeats Arthur Vandelay

Regional Update20170315_162437

Competition TV Series Region

20170314_133853.jpg1 Simon Cowell vs 9 Pharrell Williams

Pharrell was happy until he went up against Simon who can crap on someone’s day with the best of them.

Simon Cowell defeats Pharrell Williams

20170314_13393912 Jennifer Lopez vs 4 Randy Jackson

Randy looked at pictures of Kim K. the night before his matchup with J-LO so he wouldn’t suffer the same fate as Stern.

Randy Jacksons defeats Jennifer Lopez

20170314_13400811 Harry Connick Jr. vs 3 Nigel Lythgoe

Lythgoe danced around him in circles.

Nigel Lythgoe defeats Harry Connick Jr.

20170314_13402910 Sharon Osbourne vs 2 Blake Shelton

Blake sent Sharon to some beach, somewhere.

Blake Shelton defeats Sharon Osbourne

Regional Update20170315_162507Below is what the current bracket looks like.  Be sure to visit us tomorrow to see who will be going to the Elite Eight.20170315_162624

64 Judges 1 Winner Part II: Let the Tournament Begin!

And so it begins!  I don’t really know how judges beat one another in a fake tournament like this one, but if you are still reading at this point you might as well just roll with it.

Also be sure to refer to 64 Judges 1 Winner Part I to learn more about the contestants.

Here we go!

Historical Judges Region

20170312_2254341 Thurgood Marshall vs 16 Curtis Shake

Curtis Shake was a surprise entry into this tournament.  It did not hurt that he was a fellow Sigma Pi and I was head of the selection committee.  While his contributions to American History are notable, they can’t be stacked against Thurgood Marshall.

Thrugood Marshall defeats Curtis Shake

20170312_2300098 Sandra Day O’Connor vs 9 Clarence Thomas

The first female justice was popular among conservatives and liberals, but at the end of the day Clarence Thomas is not that easy to get rid of (oops).

Clarence Thomas defeats Sandra Day O’Connor

20170312_2257305 William Rehnquist vs 12 Earl Warren

A battle of Chief Justices!  Despite Warren helping to end segregation and leading the Warren Commission (even named after him), Rehnquist had a Coach K-like tenure on the Supreme Court.

William Rehnquist defeats Earl Warren

20170312_2256454 John Marshall vs 13 Warren Burger

Another Chief Justice showdown!  Even with 30 years on SCOTUS, Burger falls to Marshall who had 34 (longest Chief Justice in history) and whose opinions were basis for constitutional law.

John Marshall defeats Warren Burger

20170312_2258446 John Roberts vs 11 Joseph Story

Joseph Story might be best known for the Amistad case and was even portrayed by fellow competitor Harry Blackmun in a Speilberg flick.  Still it won’t be enough to get him past current Chief Justice John Roberts who turned the political world into Cameron Indoor (good or bad depending on which side you swing) with the majority opinion for Obamacare.

John Roberts defeats Joseph Story

20170312_2255593 Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs 14 Harry Blackmun

Harry Blackmun was best known for his opinion on Roe v. Wade.  Even though he is one of the stronger 14 seeds in this tournament, he’s unable to shake the living legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg defeats Harry Blackmun

20170312_2259447 Antonin Scalia vs 10 Lord Denning

The Sicilian takes on the Master of Rolls from across the pond.  The timing of Scalia’s death made headlines around the world and caused national hysteria…..but that wig though.  First big upset of the tournament.

Lord Denning defeats Antonin Scalia

20170312_2254552 Lance Ito vs 15 Louis Brandeis

When it comes to comparing legal careers Brandeis is a runaway who was the first Jew appointed to SCOTUS.  All Ito did was preside over the trial of the century.  Enough for the win!

Lance Ito defeats Louis Brandeis

Region Update


Trial TV Show Region

20170312_2301551 Judge Judy vs 16 Judge Reed

The most lopsided victory of the tournament thus far.

Judge Judy defeats Judge Reed

20170312_2307278 Judge Hatchett vs 9 Cristina Perez

Cristina Perez shows Glenda some Latino Heat and literally “buries the Hatchett”.

Cristina Perez defeats Judge Hatchett

20170312_2305165 Mablean Ephraim vs 12 Lynn Toler

Lynn Toler may hold down divorce court, but Judge Mablean started it.  A true force in this tournament.

Mablean Ephraim defeats Lynn Toler

20170312_2304484 Marilyn Milian vs 13 Judge Karen

When Marilyn Milian took over the rock for the People’s Court she never looked back.

Marilyn Milian defeats Judge Karen

20170312_2306096 Mills Lane vs 11 Judge Faith

All he has to do is say “let’s get it on!”  See ya Faith!

Mills Lane defeats Judge Faith

20170312_2303353 Joe Brown vs 14 Maria Lopez

Is she even in Judge Joe Brown’s league?

Joe Brown defeats Maria Lopez

20170312_2306377 Joseph Wapner vs 10 Judge Alex

Judge Alex presided over the Sun Gym gang members trial which was the inspiration for Pain & Gain.  Even with that notch on his belt the Cuban immigrant is unable to take down the godfather of courtroom television.  I can still hear the music.

Joseph Wampner defeats Judge Alex

20170312_2302482 Judge Mathis vs 15 Judge O. Meter

Mathis was set to face off against the only machine in this tournament.  Unfortunately the Judge O. Meter has been unable to be located for roughly 28 years.  If it is still around it probably doesn’t work, but in all likelihood it was probably turned into some kind of animatronic figure for another Nick show giving Greggy the win by default.

Judge Mathis defeats Judge O. Meter

Region Update


Fictional Judges Region

20170312_2308021 Philip Banks vs 16 Judge Melvoy

If this was a battle of TV Dads and you swapped the character of Judge Melvoy with Carl Winslow we would have a true nail bitter on our hands.  Maybe next year.

Philip Banks defeats Judge Melvoy

20170312_2311548 Walter Bradley vs 9 Judge Turpin

I don’t care how many trials he handled on Law & Order and it’s spin-off show, Turpin is a crooked and dangerous man.  Bradley would have rather not made the tournament at all after facing him.

Judge Turpin defeats Walter Bradley

20170312_2312305 Henry Bone vs 12 Judge Dredd

Old Man Bone thinks he has seen it all in Rome, Wisconsin.  He’d fill his Depends in Judge Dredd’s world.

Judge Dredd defeats Henry Bone

20170312_2309574 Elihu Smails vs 13 Stephen Wexler

Wexler is very underrated considering how much he is hated in the afterlife, but Smails is hated by most of Bushwood which is even more impressive.

Elihu Smails defeats Stephen Wexler

20170312_2310246 Judge Reinhold vs 11 Constance Harm

Constance Harm is the only solely animated contestant in this tournament, but it just so happens that she is up against the only other person to have a cartoon role playing a judge (and himself) in the same tournament.

Judge Reinhold defeats Constance Harm

20170312_2309053 Harry T. Stone vs 14 Henry X. Harper

Imagine Judge Harper’s picture as a reaction to Judge Stone’s.  It looks like he found out there is not a Santa Clause (I went there).

Harry T. Stone defeats Henry X. Harper

20170312_2310547 Lena Petrovsky vs 10 Arthur Vandelay

Petrovsky has appeared on Law & Order: SVU over 40 times.  Vandelay’s got his hands full on this one, but he has proved he can handle it.  He has seen the Soup Nazi, Babu and the Virgin all take the stand….in the same trial!

Arthur Vandelay defeats Lena Petrovsky

20170312_2308332 Chamberlain Haller vs 15 Omar Noose

Two old timers from the deep, deep south in this contest, but it’s really no contest.

Chamberlain Haller defeats Omar Noose

Region Update


Competition TV Series Region

20170312_2312561 Simon Cowell vs 16 Keith Urban

Simon says “g’day mate!”

Simon Cowell defeats Keith Urban

20170312_2317018 Paula Abdul vs 9 Pharrell Williams

The 757 don’t lose in the first round!

Pharrell Williams defeats Paula Abdul

20170312_2315055 Howard Stern vs 12 Jennifer Lopez

Howard Stern is on the Mount Rushmore of talk radio, but J-LO got booty and even Howard will reckon that.

Jennifer Lopez defeats Howard Stern

20170312_231442.jpg4 Randy Jackson vs 13 Gwen Stefani

You got to roll with your dawg on this one.

Randy Jackson defeats Gwen Stefani

20170312_2315166 Adam Levine vs 11 Harry Connick Jr.

The bigger name is definitely Levine, but why not Connick?  He might be the best eye for talent in this region.

Harry Connick Jr. defeats Adam Levine

20170312_2313503 Nigel Lythgoe vs 14 Steven Tyler

I still can’t get over what a sellout Steven Tyler is.  As much as I miss my dad (Aerosmith’s biggest fan) I’m glad he didn’t have to witness this.

Nigel Lythgoe defeats Steven Tyler

20170312_2315467 Howie Mandell vs 10 Sharon Osbourne

These type of shows were made for Howie Mandell.  That being said Sharon was married to (and still legally is) a man who bit the head off of a bat….and a bird.

Sharon Osbourne defeats Howie Mandell

20170312_2313152 Blake Shelton vs 15 Christina Aguilera

He already took her out once. He can do it again.

Blake Shelton defeats Christina Aguilera

Region Update


Below is what the current bracket looks like.  Be sure to check in tomorrow to find out who made the Sweet Sixteen.


64 Judges 1 Winner Part I


Maybe your a hoops fan, maybe you like to gamble or maybe you just really enjoy filling out that bracket.

In celebration of March Madness I have decided to create my own fantasy bracket.  This will be considered lame and stupid by some, but I had fun doing it and I am ready to receive criticism for this off the wall idea.

For my bracket I have decided to do a tournament of the greatest “Judges”.  There will be four regions which include Historical Judges, Trial TV Show Judges, Fictional Judges and Competition TV Series Judges.  Judges can be from any time period, living, deceased or animated.

Let’s meet our contestants:

 Historical Judges Region

  1. Thurgood Marshall- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1967-1991
  2. Lance Ito- Presided over the O.J. Simpson murder case
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1993-Present
  4. John Marshall- 4th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1801-1835
  5. William Rehnquist- 16th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1986-2005
  6. John Roberts- 17th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 2005-Present
  7. Antonin Scalia- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1986-2016
  8. Sandra Day O’Connor- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1981-2006
  9. Clarence Thomas- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1991-Present
  10. Lord Denning- Master of the Rolls 1962-1982 (UK)
  11. Joseph Story- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1812-1845
  12. Earl Warren- 14th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1953-1969
  13. Warren Burger- 15th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1969-1986
  14. Harry Blackmun- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1970-1994
  15. Louis Brandeis- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1916-1939
  16. Curtis Shake- the civilian judge that presided over the IG Farben trial (Nuremberg trials WWII)

Trial TV Show Region

  1. Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin)- Judge Judy 1996-Present
  2. Judge Mathis (Greg Mathis)- Judge Mathis 1999-Present
  3. Joe Brown- Judge Joe Brown 1998-2013
  4. Marilyn Milian- The People’s Court 2001-Present
  5. Mablean Ephraim- Divorce Court 1999-2006, Justice with Judge Mablean 2014-Present
  6. Mills Lane- Judge Mills Lane 1998-2001
  7. Joseph Wapner-  The People’s Court 1981-1993
  8. Judge Hatchett (Glenda Hatchett)- Judge Hatchett 2000-2008
  9. Cristina Perez- Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez 2012-Present
  10. Judge Alex (Alex Ferrer)- Judge Alex 2005-2014
  11. Judge Faith (Faith Jenkins)- Judge Faith 2014-Present
  12. Lynn Toler- Divorce Court 2006-Present
  13. Judge Karen (Karen Mills-Francis)- Judge Karen 2008-Present
  14. Maria Lopez- Judge Maria Lopez 2006-2008
  15. Judge O. Meter- Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Court 1988-1989
  16. Judge Reed (Christopher Reed)- MTV’s The Blame Game 1998-1999

Fictional Judges Region

  1. Philip Banks- Portrayed by James Avery, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 1990-1996
  2. Chamberlain Haller- Portrayed by Fred Gwynne, My Cousin Vinny 1992
  3. Harry T. Stone- Portrayed by Harry Anderson, Night Court 1984-1992
  4. Elihu Smails- Portrayed by Ted Knight, Caddyshack 1980
  5. Henry Bone- Portrayed by Ray Walston, Picket Fences 1992-1996
  6. Judge Reinhold- Portrayed by Judge Reinhold, Clerks: The Animated Series 2000, Arrested Development 2006
  7. Lena Petrovsky- Portrayed by Joanna Merlin, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2000-2011
  8. Walter Bradley- Portrayed by Peter McRobbie, Law & Order 2001-2009, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2005-2012
  9. Judge Turpin- Portrayed by Alan Rickman, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007
  10. Arthur Vandelay- Portrayed by Stanley Anderson, Seinfeld 1998
  11. Constance Harm- Voiced by Jane Kaczmarek, The Simpsons 2001-2010
  12. Judge Dredd- Portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, Judge Dredd 1995
  13. Stephen Wexler- Portrayed by Harris Yulin, Ghostbusters II 1989
  14. Henry X. Harper- Portrayed by Gene Lockhart, Miracle on 34th Street 1947
  15. Omar Noose- Portrayed by Patrick McGoohan, A Time to Kill 1996
  16. Judge Melvoy- Portrayed by Reginald VelJohnson, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2016

Competition TV Series Region

  1. Simon Cowell- American Idol 2002-2016
  2. Blake Shelton- The Voice 2011-Present
  3. Nigel Lythgoe- So You Think You Can Dance 2005-Present
  4. Randy Jackson- American Idol 2002-2016
  5. Howard Stern- America’s Go Talent 2012-2015
  6. Adam Levine- The Voice 2011-Present
  7. Howie Mandell- America’s Got Talent 2010-2016
  8. Paula Abdul- American Idol 2002-2016
  9. Pharrell Williams- The Voice 2014-2016
  10. Sharon Osbourne- America’s Got Talent 2007-2012
  11. Harry Connick Jr.- American Idol 2010-2016
  12. Jennifer Lopez- American Idol 2007-2016
  13. Gwen Stefani- The Voice 2014-Present
  14. Steven Tyler- American Idol 2011-2016
  15. Christina Aguilera- The Voice 2011-2016
  16. Keith Urban- American Idol 2008-2016


Feel free to play along with the bracket above.  Results of the first round matchups will be posted tomorrow.  ORDER!